Handed By

Handed By is the leading brand in handmade woven baskets, bags, and home accessories and we are driven by the notion of helping to create a better world.

We’d love you to join us in our journey and help to reduce plastic waste from our planet.  We can all contribute to this process by using recycled plastics in our daily lives, vs continuing to fill our landfills with unnecessary waste.

The Handed By journey all starts with a unique design developed in our design studio in the Netherlands, using recycled materials as the foundation of every product.  Each of our products are handmade and woven by farmers in Vietnam and China.  No mass production happens in large factory settings, instead, we engage our farmers in small-scale projects with long-term personal partnerships.  On our frequent visits to the Far East, we meet our weavers to teach them how to make new products, to help them improve the quality of the products, and to listen to them about their daily lives.

Respect for the Asian traditions and habits is very high on our agenda.  As such, we cooperate directly with our gifted artisans; mostly women working from their homes.  We offer regular work to around 300 qualified craftswomen.  After their work is completed in the rice fields or when their children are at school, they generate extra income by weaving Handed By products.  They typically gather at home, with their husbands or together with their neighbors on a porch or with a group of weavers somewhere in the village and weave in a social setting.

We are very proud of their beautiful handweaving skills of superior quality.  In return, the weavers are proud to work for the Handed By brand.  By visiting our production countries frequently, we feel a great social responsibility towards our weavers and their families.  Everything we design is manufactured in an ethical and responsible way and is guaranteed 100% free of child labor.  Today there are more than 300 families who we support to help them improve their lives.

We feel a great corporate and social responsibility towards our crafts people and we guarantee that each product is ethically produced:  no child labor is used — on the contrary, we are involved in the education of our workers’ children.

Handed By has the ambition to make an even greater impact.  We re-use any existing plastic waste to create new Handed By items and collections.  Additionally, the Handed By design is recognizable by the unique trademark stamp -- in the form of a handprint -- that is applied to every item.

We are a product developer, designer, manufacturer and wholesaler, all in one.  We continually seek out trends in terms of lifestyle, the home, children and the environment.  And when you trust us with your purchase dollars, we commit to you that countless hours and human resources have gone into making your product purchase the best that we can create.  We hope that you will enjoy using our products, and that we have created a moment for you that adds a smile to your face and warms your heart!